It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

No time to read? Here is the Process and Governance Information Sheet that provides a quick overview of what we do.

What sets JBD Consulting International apart from others is our pragmatic approach. We avoid blue sky recommendations that look good on paper, but are not practical when it comes to implementing and sustaining solutions to meet some textbook definition.

What we do not do: we do not sell or resell hardware, software or third party services such as cohosting, cloud services, etc. One of our guiding principles is if a consultant cannot develop a solution without mentioning specific branded products then the solution is biased. We are in the business of leveraging technology to manage IT and support business processes. That doesn't mean that we are not familiar with industry tools that have achieved de facto status as solutions. We understand their capabilities, and will help you to select the solution best suited to your immediate and long term requirements without the bias that a reseller brings to the table.

Our approach:

We also welcome subcontractor relationships with larger service providers and consulting companies. In past engagements we have functioned in a staff augmentation capacity in which we brought complementary skills to clients or service providers. In other engagements we were selected because we brought skills that a service provider or consulting company lacked for specific engagements.

For specifics on our approach please check out our Whitepapers page. This page contains our In a Nutshell documents that cover a single topic on a single page. This format is consistent with our overall approach to getting the job done efficiently, quickly and effectively. Small wins keep the momentum moving forward when implementing processes, and we believe in starting with just enough process and governance, and building upon those. We are continually adding to this page, so check back often.

We have a detailed Service Catalog that provides more information about some of our major service offerings, as well as expected results and value. These are not all inclusive ? they are a starting point. We will be pleased to tailor services to meet your specific requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss how we would approach challenges that you are currently facing.